Bus Projects presents
Notions of Care ~ Polly Stanton, Kate Tucker & Katie West

Notions of Care explores the ways in which art and nurture are interlinked. Through the works of Polly Stanton, Kate Tucker, and Katie West, notions of care are unfolded, displaced and enforced.

The exhibition includes a large scale video projection by Polly Stanton, a series of ceramic sculptures crafted by Kate Tucker and a collection of hand dyed pillow works by Katie West. To be cared for - the artworks are tended to, considered, and in-turn they provide care back to the artist and the viewer. Asking us to take time, to pause, to contemplate.  

Opening Saturday 16 November, 8–10pm
Open daily 17–22 November, 12–5pm

Cinema One, 86 Murray Street, Hobart

Image credit: Kate Tucker, Polly Stanton and Katie West. Photo by Matthew Stanton. Screenshot of 'The Spectral Field'. Documentation by Ruben Bull-Milne.