FELTspace (SA) presents
FELTfood ~ Amy Joy Watson, Jenna Pippett, Deborah Prior, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Lauren Simeoni & Tamara Baillie

FELTfood is a one-night only event exploring the potential of food as an artistic medium. Part performance art, part multisensory installation, part participatory dinner party, this event will focus on exploring the creative possibilities of edible materials as a response to contemporary fetishized food culture. FELTfood is part of an accessible program that creatively encourages non-arts audiences to engage with contemporary art. In this event, the audience is invited to engage through multisensory dimensions such as smell, touch and by literally eating the work.

One-night only food event, Sunday 17 November, 6pm
Rosny Children’s Choir Building, 59 Cambridge Road, Bellerive

Image credit: Artwork by Deborah Prior. Photo courtesy of James Field.