Firstdraft (NSW) presents
Sister ++++++ Familial Formations ~ Marian Abboud

Marian Abboud’s Sister ++++++ Familial Formations is a group video performance held over two nights of the festival in different venues. A sister in a female-dominant family, Abboud draws on personal narratives, collective memory, textured identity, stylised ritual, gendered performativity and emotional symbolism. Her work brings together personal and cultural mythologies to create a collective action through ritual, memory and magic. Sister ++++++ Familial Formations will create new narratives of familial and cultural folklore to hold the space between us. The performance transcends place, generation, language and identity.

First performance Thursday 21 November, 6pm
Moonah Arts Centre, 23-27 Albert Road, Moonah 
Second performance Friday 22 November, 6pm
Visual Bulk 153A Argyle Street, Hobart