Good Grief (TAS) presents
Fool and Fracture ~ Isabel Hood, Philip Sulidae & Jane Savelyeva
Fool and Fracture explores alternative methods of urban documentation and deceit. Each artist endeavours to mine urban landscapes to uncover idiosyncratic and subjective experiences of place. These experiences of place operate within theatrical, performative and absurd constructions. Landscape is decontextualised and restaged into a parodied and conceited display of artefacts.

Surf’s Up but Everything Else is Down ~ Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie & Tilley Wood
Surf’s Up but Everything Else is Down: A Pantomime on Coral Bleaching intersects textile-based sculpture with a collaborative performance. The artwork is a personal response to waste production in Australia and the degradation of the Great Barrier Reef that is projected to occur over the artists' lifetimes.

Opening Friday 15 November, 8pm onwards
Open daily 16–23 November, 12–5pm
Good Grief, 62 Argyle Street, Hobart

Image credit: Philip Mylecharane