HOBIENNALE & un Projects present
meditations on muwinina country ~ Neika Lehman & Lauren Gower

The three soapboxes that form the work meditations on muwinina country are advertised to be read as a ‘family’. This concept takes that literally, using the creative and conceptual writing of trawlwoolway family members: Neika Lehman and Lauren Gower.

The HOBIENNALE soapbox series will be a new iteration of an ongoing writing collaboration between these artists, using, as a starting point, conversations around family, memory, Country and the role of art. Lauren works as a poet, artist & philosopher, Neika as a poet, artist & critic.

Launch event, Monday 18 November, Mathers Lane, 4pm
meditations on muwinina country will be displayed on three soapboxes in the CBD until mid February 2020

This project is presented through the Hobart City Council Soapbox program.