play_station (NZ) presents
For the last time would you look at that. ~ Elisabeth Pointon 

For the last time would you look at that. is the third installment of an ongoing project by Pakeha-Indian artist Elisabeth Pointon. In this exhibition, she explores language, accessibility and representation as informed by her experiences in the workplace at a luxury car dealership. Pointon appropriates the visual language of advertising to comment on the traditionally white and masculine-led environments of both the workplace and the art world, imbuing the talk of Big Business with genuine earnestness.

Opening event Saturday 16 November, 6pm - 8pm 

Avalon Theatre, 52 Melville Street
Banner Fly-Overs Friday 15 November 6.30pm and Saturday 16 November 12pm (viewable from anywhere in central Hobart)

Image credit: Would you look at that, Elisabeth Pointon. Photo by Laura Duffy